Monday, March 5, 2012

Brooke Greenberg forever young

With 30 inches height and 16 pound weight, an 18 year old girl never shows improvement in term of physically or mentally growth since she is 1 years old. 

Her condition is indeed mysterious as claimed as most of the doctor who diagnose her, Brooke is now currently have the level of mentality of an infant with the age of nine month to a year.

Growing up when Brooke is 5 - 6 years old  doctor diagnosed her to have stomach ulcer and stroke but weeks later, there are no damage were detected, then she is diagnose to have brain tumour, which caused her to sleep for 14 days, but when she woke up the tumour are completely gone.

But since then doctor claimed that she is completely normal in term of health condition.

God Bless her soul.

This is her interview when she was 16 :

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