Monday, March 5, 2012

Karak highway death incident (AGAIN!!)

Karak highway, one highway that connecting the Capital city of Kuala Lumpur to uphill of Genting Highland, it is said that each year a soul or more, must be given away to please the 'resident' along the Karak Highway. 

In other words, the highway is hunted. No one actually knows what ever happen there but the legendary myth has been circulating around the community around. Recent incident reported that a tragic accident occur involving a tourist bus causing 2 death and 20 injured.

The bus which carries 22 tourist are descending down the hill and into a sharp corner in the incident at about 8 am, before it crash and cause 2 death and 20 other injured.

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No one ever really knows what is going around the Karak highway, some claimed that all of those saying are hoax, and some do believe that there are 'others' living around the highway causing havoc for those who pass by.

Or the road is just plain dangerous.....

Whatever it is Iepov team will uncover the true story behind Karak highway, so stay tune for more.


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