Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Boy strangled for having the same name as a man

A Young Indian boy in Utter Pradesh has been killed, allegedly due to sharing his name with a man who belongs to a higher caste.

Neeraj Kumar, the 14-year-old son of Ram Sumer and member of the Dalit caste, was found murdered in a field after leaving the evening prior to watch TV at a friend’s house. He was apparently strangled.

Jawahar Chaudhary, who belongs to a higher caste, has reportedly been attempting to get Neeraj’s father, Ram Sumer, to change his sons’s names, as they were the same as Chaudhary’s sons.

Two friends of Chadhary’s sons.
Two friends of Chaudhary have been arrested, while his two sons, Neeraj and Dheeraj, are now missing.

Chaudhary claims that the police are framing his family for murder.

Apparently, the name struggle has been an issue for quite sometimes, despite the fact that caste discrimination is illegal. Dalits are also known as untouchables, the lowest caste in the Hindu caste system.


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