Thursday, June 28, 2012

10 most earliest FB acc since its launch

Have you ever wonder who is the first to sign up for Facebook account since the is launched? Would they ever taught that Facebook will be as big as what it is today?

Check them out, 10 person who sign up for Facebook, before anyone else did ever realize the existence of the on that day.

1.Mark Zuckerberg (Id No4)

The first account ever created (of course) he is the creator anyway. 

2.Chris Huges (Id No 5)

Zuckerberg friend and roomates, Co-founder of facebook, he became famous after he help to create Barrack Obama websites, eventually the website plays a big role in Obama Campaign for president.

3.Dustin Moskovits (Id No 6)

A friend and also Zuckerberg roomate, he own 6% of facebook share, making him the youngest billionare so far.

4.Arie Hasit (Id No 7)

He is also on of the Zuckerberg best friend, he often seen hanging out with Zuckerberg, now works as Israel Armed Force Spokesman.

He is not quite famous enough to talk about, the only source says that he woks on facebook.

6.Saleio (Id No 11)

He works at facebook.

7.Chriss Putnam (Id No 13)

He is one of the site engineer at that time

8.Andrew MCollum (Id No 26)

One of Zuckerberg friend, he is the first graphic designer for facebook, the facebook logo F you often see, is design by this guy.

9.Collin Kelly (Id no 27)

One of Zuckerberg classmate.

10 Mark Kaganovich (Id No 28)

Also a friend of zuckerberg, and attends hazard, he is the founder of a social network similar to but for scientist.

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