Thursday, July 26, 2012

5 Reason why people hate Facebook

From time to time, social media user tend to be active on twitter instead of Facebook, the reason of this 'migration' is just because they hate Facebook, atleast when it is compared to twitter. Why? lets check these  facts on why people hate Facebook.

1. Twitter user friendly and less complicated layout.
If both of these social media are compared, In term of user friendliness, Twitter won over Facebook. Lets put it this way, twitter is basically all about Tweeting, Following and Followers. Simple! 
Unlike Facebook, where you have likes, share, games, family, friends, relationship and so on.

2. Facebook is all about popularity.
Status likes, Picture share, Other people comments on your status, this is just a few simple elements that people used to judge your popularity on Facebook. If you have non on one of these thing then.....well...people will assume you as a Loser because you are not getting any attention at all...That is just plain ridiculous.

3. You don't know half of your Facebook friends.
The things is, you don't really know, half of your Facebook friends, and when you update your status, it feels like yelling yelling in the middle of a crowded train and half of the passenger are strangers, those people will just look at you and judge you, without knowing what are you talking about.

4. Request! Request! Request!
Game request, relationship request, invites, application request and more Game Request. Does twitter have this annoying issue? No!

5. Constant Change's
These Facebook changes are really annoying, people just could't bare with the changes made, especially when they starting to introduce the new Facebook layout which is the Timeline. Why would they change it on the first place? the old one look better with less exposure about what have you been up to on Facebook. And now, your privacy are not insecure, knowing that people can stalk both your past and present.

These are just 5 reason why people hate Facebook and why they tend to choose twitter. There are hundreds of reason why people Hate Facebook. What's yours? 

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