Saturday, July 28, 2012

Yati, 28 a Boutique owner at Taman tasik permaisuri electrocuted, robbed and molested

Why would you use a credit card that you just stole to make a purchase? it show's how stupid you are when you literally gives yourself away to the police. That's what happen to 4 criminals, when they stole 10 credit card from a boutique owner, and trying to purchase items from different store.
Around 3.PM that evening, these 4 criminals went to a wedding boutique at Taman Tasik Permaisuri, saying that they want to buy a wedding dress. At that time, the boutique owner, wanted to be known as Yati, 28 greets them and thought that they are actually a real costumer.

They then pushed Yati, before stunning her on the face using an electrical device, on top of that, Yati also claim that they also molest her before she run's to the toilet and lock herself in.
After they stole a bag with 10 credit card inside, two hand-phones, a laptop, jewellery, cash money and  several clothes, these 4 alleged criminal went to a store, trying to buy a watch that cost RM900. But Yati act as fast as she could, calling the bank affiliated with the credit card to terminate the service As soon as possible.
After knowing that the credit card has been terminated, they rush outside and run, unfortunately their faces and act are caught by a CCTV. and now these 4 criminals are now hunted down by the police.
Now, what kind of criminals would they be? they are as stupid as sponge bob best friend, Patrick. What kind of criminals that robs someone and then walk out like nothing happens? furthermore trying to buy something using a stolen credit card. At-least show some effort and run to a safe house or something.

Source : Mynewshub

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