Saturday, July 28, 2012

Old Olympic Sports that don't exist anymore

Since the Olympic games are introduced, there are hundreds of sports to showcase a specific talent on winning. But back then, is all the sports are similar to current Olympic? Lets check out several Olympic sports that don't exist anymore. 

Solo Synchronized Swimming
The last competition are held on the year 1992, which required a solo swimmer to sync with the music without any actual flexibility and stamina, Some might see it as funny and ridiculous, because all they have to do is act pretty while swimming following the music beat. 

Realizing that this particular competition are just a waste of time and money, they decided to take it out from the Olympic sports list.

Tug of war : 1900 - 1920
Unlike other sports that has been taken down the list, this particular sports are the people favourite. The reason that it is forced into retirements is because it doesn't have any Governing body, as required by the Olympic to make it eligible to be counted as one of the games in Olympic.

Rope Climbing : 1896 - 1906
This would be a weird sport if it is held on the 2012 London Olympic, but back then it is a sport that are the favourite among the United States fan.

The climbers are judge by their speed, form and whether they are able to reach the top or not.

Live pigeon shooting :1900
'Animal abuse', that can literally sums up on why it doesn't exist anymore. The rules are simple, the competitors are determine by the numbers of pigeon they kill, and who kill the most before the allocated time ends is the winner.

Long jump for horses
Yes, this was an event for horses, although it is not clear whether the beasts themselves ever mounted the podium to collect their own medals. From an animal as lean, powerful and disciplined as the horse, one would expect Eddie Kidd bus-jumping antics, but, in fact, these equine leaps were a tad more modest. Extra Dry won the contest at the Paris Olympics with a jump of 20 feet and a quarter of an inch. Putting it into perspective, that's 2.63 metres shy of the current world record. 

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