Tuesday, July 31, 2012

James Holmes 'The Joker' are facing either Death Sentence or Life Time Imprisonment

Remember the news about the joker wannabes? James Holmes that killed 12 people and 58 other is left injured in Aurora, Colorado, last month.

James Holmes appeared on the Batman Movie Screening in Colorado equip with armory, guns and other military equipment, before shooting the public that lead to death and injuries. 

News.yahoo.com reported that he is already did charged with 142 criminal charges, 116 counted attempted murder, and 24 murder. The site also added that, Holmes case is indeed the most horrifying public murder that the Modern-American had ever encounter with.

His punishment will be either Death Sentences, or Life time Imprisonment. Now, would that be fair to the victim family member's? is that the exact and the right punishment for his doings? 

I have browse around for the public respond on this matte, and most of the responders on answers.yahoo.com expect a far more painful punishment.

Their respond are as such :
This type of man should be in jail for the rest of his life, that is far more worst than the death penalty, that will teach him a lesson. Also this will give him the chance to think about his doing other than hunting his soul....well...literally speaking...

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