Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Miranda Bowman quick thinking save her life

Miranda Bowman quick thinking save her life when her grandfather died from a heart attack while he was driving.

Miranda, 12 and her Grandfather, Paul Parker, 63 was on their way home from Go-Karting, and he did told Miranda he didnt feel well that day and asked her to keep him alert.

They played 'I spied', when suddenly she hear a bump on the driver windows, she then look at her grandfather that was unconscious. 

The thing is his foot is on the accelerator and the car was speeding towards the side of the road. According to news.yahoo.com for 30 second or so she is panicking and trying to call 911 but she wasn't getting any service. 

Miranda then unbuckle her seatbelt and press the brake with her hand, the car slows down but it wont completely stop, fearing that they would run into somebody she then pop up from underneath and press the brake with her feet as hard as she couldbefore taking over the steering wheel. 

Upfront, she could either go through a red light district, or ramp the truck into the forest, she then steer the truck into the forest. The car are slowing down after it hits a few trees before she jumped out from the car.

A women driving behind, saw the whole incident and immediately call 911 for help.

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