Monday, July 9, 2012

Japanese Liberal Democratic Party are making Real Life, fully functional Gundam for their Manifesto

A real life fully functional, Gundam are ready to be made. This is a concept brought to life by the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party. Two Member of this organization, Maasaaki Taira and Hideki Niwa are the people responsible for the project. And this would cost around US$725,000,000 as estimated by
Both Maasaaki Taira and Hideki Niwa will speak to Novelist Harotoshi Fukui, to discuss more about this Real Life Gundam Project. Fukui happens to be the original writer of the Mobile Suit Gundam UC.

Masaki Taira
Harotoshi Fukui
Hideki Niwa

This is originally intended for the Party Manifesto, which is to attract voters to vote for them. The Japanese is have strange way market their party to the public eye.
Some of the Japanese doesn't agree with this project as it would only waste the Nation Resource and Money. as quoted in .

" Japan's economy and society are both in a bad way. The country is deeply in debt, the population is aging, and Japan has no natural resources. And with a strong yen and a sour world economy, Japan can't export its way to prosperity. It can ship its manufacturing to China and hollow itself out."

For me i think this is a great event that should be done and supported, because for Japan itself this would be a great advantage for their tourism Prospect. People would travel for miles just to see the real life .


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