Monday, July 9, 2012

Youtube Dude Man : Another stupid Bieber Fan!

A lot of people nowadays hate's Justin Bieber, i dont know why, but half of the 'Bieber Hater' hates his fans instead of him, for being so immature and ignorant. Of course more than half of Justin Bieber fan's are kids.

One of the 'Beiber fan' using the Youtube username 'Dude Man' is currently  receiving a lot of attention. Why do you ask? because he has been going around Youtube video of Jimi Hendrix , Beethoven , The Beetles ,Led Zeppelin and some other videos, posting shi*ty respond about the old music.

This post has started it all : Posted on 9Gag by  Incolent

And it is followed by this post, posted by giftspritze

These kids nowadays don't know how to appreciate good music. Those music that he publicly insult are the music of other people time, if he dont like it, then try to respect it. 
Without any of them, Music nowadays would not be as it is today.

Just for a thought.
This Dude Man kid should really get his *ss spanked, and his internet wire cut off forever.

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