Sunday, July 8, 2012

Negative impact of being on the internet for hours

A teenage girl that constantly spend their time surfing the internet are facing high risk of self depression and low self esteem. This is a result from the recent research made by the Flinders Universiti of School Science and Psychology, Australia.

They stated that,  40% which is 1,096 teenage girl among the age of 12 and 16 years old spend most of their time on Facebook or Twitter, and most of them doesn't really care about their looks and appearance. Half of them worried about their body shape, and the other half are facing the depression of being fat.

And recent surveys conclude that, most of them doesn't really and do nothing about it, they will just let it be as it is. 

As stated by Dr Amy Slater, This is a very worrying situation, whereby this depression or low self esteem could lead to emotional conflict, and eventually will lead to other negative consequences.

So for those teenager, either a boy or a girl, stop the habit of being on the internet for hours, shut the computer off and know your limit. Go out there and do something else, other than constantly surfing the internet.


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