Friday, July 6, 2012

Nicky Minaj sex tape leaked??

After Browsing through, we had stumble upon an article with the title 'Nicky Minaj Sex Tape'. It is quite rare that we had heard of the singer Nicky Minaj leaked a sex tape, nor any of her naked picture on the internet. So we went to check what is the article is all about.
All we could see is just a picture of Nicky Minaj on a bed wearing black lingerie, which is supposed to be a screenshot in her 'so-called' sextape. But is it true that Nicky Minaj Leaked a sex tape? as the site claimed?

Just below the picture, there's this link :

The answer is no! This site will only lead you to which is, a pay-porn site, and stated that you have to pay to watch her sex tape. This is just another of their scam, or some would called it as a 'marketing strategy'.

Just to get your facts straight up, until there are legit news saying  that Nicky Minaj had leaked a sextape, dont easily trust what you see on the net.

For those of you who actually searching for her sex tape, but couldn't find it here, we are really sorry, to make it up, here is some hot picture of her :) 

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