Thursday, July 5, 2012


A dance competition will highlight Kota Kinabalu weekend, as the event that has been anticipated by hundreds of people, it is called the "RUMBLE 1 ON 1" SABAH B-BOY & ALL-STYLE BATTLE 2012

The event will be held at the 1Borneo Hypermall, starting from 12Pm until 8PM.

It is organized by the Art Collection dance group, an organization that has been operating since 2010. They had come to public knowledge when they've won the 2011 Borneo Street Dance Competition.
It's about time, this type of event are held,  to cast all of the Sabahan local dancer to show off what they got, not only that, this event will gives them  the opportunity to learn something new, making friends, and strengthen their community.

As quoted in their event page :

" .It is created with the aim to help the B-boy, B-girl and dancers all over Sabah to spend their time in a positive way and as well as become an idol for the youngster. On the other hand, focus in supporting the development of urban culture "
As we aim to discover hidden talents and to pave the new way for new generation of B-boy, B-girl and dancers to shine. "

Check out their event page here!!

During interview with one of the Organizer member, MR Khairul Anuar, or commonly known by his stage name 'K-rule'. he said ;

"This will be an awesome event, because the amount of participants is exceeding our expectation"
"with the help of our sponsors and the hard-working management team we will give our best for this event, and we hope that in the future we can do this event annually"

He also urged all of Sabahan to come and support the event.

So make sure you attend the event, we here at BLOGOSEM.COM support any Local Act out there...

Main sponsor for the event : 

Orang bilang kalau bukan kita siapa lagi mo sapot??GO GO Sabahan!! :)

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