Friday, July 13, 2012

Women faked cancer to raised money

Did you know, you can scam the public by telling them that you have a cancer and you will die in less than a year? and when you already got the public attention and sympathy starts pouring in and out of your tales, you started a fund raising campaign, just for the people to donate for your 'so called' unfortunate disease condition.

That's what Ashley Anne Kirilow a Burlington native did, she planned a scam, which would involved the community around her, and she publicly spread her unfortunate story on social media, such as Facebook and Myspace. 
On her Facebook fanpage, she stated that, she has been battling various type of cancer for years alone, since she claimed that her parents are already dead.

This eventually, granted her cash money, and it is reported that she had her dream wedding with her boyfriend, and goes to their dream honeymoon.
It turns out that she doesn't have a cancer after all, she is reported fit and healthy, also both of her parents are still alive and well. The truth is she shaved her head and eyebrows, plucked her eyelashes and starved herself to look like a chemotherapy patient. She told anyone she met she had been disowned by drug-addicted parents, or that they were dead.
Ashley picture leaving a courthouse
After the news of her scam spread, the community has just goes furious, and want their money back! Her married husband also dump her knowing that she is a liar. 

After being hunt down, Ashley Anne Kirilow doesn't want to be interviewed. And since this day she is rarely seen going out on public.

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