Monday, July 9, 2012

[18SX] Picture of Asian's Having sex in their car got busted!

You guys should really check this out, a set of picture's showing Asian couple having s*x inside of their car. The thing is who the hell would take a picture of two people having 'some sexy' time together? 

One thing i know is that he got balls. Well just to let you know, all of these couple are Japanese, you know how weird Japanese people can be can be sometimes (No offence though).

Dont worry The picture is all censored, Check out their expression, it is priceless.
  Check out this dude smiling

 Wdf! A Samurai?
Come to think of it, it is quite mean to do that to them, but it is done, so all of the couple's that likes to get it on in the park or somewhere public, might as well make a lesson out of it.

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