Friday, August 17, 2012

Conrad Murray escape death sentences spared by M.J father Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson
Billion's of fans are devastated when they hear that the 'All time King Of Pop', Michael Jackson died by a so called accident of excessive drugs injected into his body during his treatment Chronic Insomnia.

Well, that what's Dr Conrad Murray told the media, stating that Jackson himself injected an extra dose of the lethal drug in his body, while he step out of the room for two minutes to use the bathroom. 
Murray Right 
After a thorough investigation, It is concluded that Murray had treated Jackson recklessly and that he abandon  the King Of Pop after administering the anaesthetic drug the day he died. And he is sentence to prison for four years starting from the year 2009 until the year 2013.

But recently, as reported by Michael Jackson Father Joe Jackson has dropped the wrongful death suit against Conrad Murray, Joe Jackson asked the lawsuit be dismissed without prejudice.

There are no official statement that given out by Joe or his attorney on why the suit are bieng droppped.

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