Friday, August 17, 2012

Michael and Margaret Pollara made almost 1 Million dollar selling stolen toys On ebay

A pair of mother and son had made almost a million just from stealing toys from various store across the nation and sell it back on-line.

Micheal Pollara, 46 goes across the country (U.S) just to get to the toys store such as Toy-R-Us, Walmart, CVS and other retailers, but the thing is he would pick out boxes containing cheap toys, then replace the cheap contents with more expensive toys including Harry Potter Lego sets, Leap Pads, and InnoTabs.

He would then go to the checkout line, where cashiers would ring up the box for the marked price, not knowing that inside were toys worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.

After he had gather all the toys, his mother Margaret Pollara, 70 would then sell the toys online nevertheless where they are at the moment.

Their act is busted when Micheal are caught in the act by a surveillance camera  in Toy R Us Boynton Beach, Florida, before being hunted down by the police for fraud.

These two pair sell their product on the site E-Bay using two username, 'LineMart' or 'Buymart-USA'. Those two accounts alone took in a total $909,000.

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