Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lee Gardner : A man with fork stuck in his stomach for 10 years

It is not until Lee Gardner starting vomiting blood and suffer internal pain in his stomach, he is rushed into a Hospital before knowing that the pain are cause by a  9 inch fork.

When he is diagnosed, a doctor in Barnsley Hospital found a similar like fork shape in his stomach, the doctor than asked him does he aware of the fork existence. At first, he denies it, because he totally forgot about the incident.
And later on the doctor inform him the fork has been in his stomach for almost 10 years, then it come across Gardner mind about the incident where he once accidently swallowed a fork.
10 years back, when he consult a doctor about the incident, the doctor told him to let the fork be, as it will be going through a natural digestion which eventually will either come's out or fully digested.
The image shows that the fork are situated in his intestine where the fork rear end clogs up his smaller intestine. Which cause internal bleeding, or ulcer.

Garner are now expected to make a full recovery.

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