Wednesday, August 1, 2012

T-Ara Hwayoung exposed her breast during their Lovey Dovey performance

Recent news reported that Hwayoung a member of the idol group T-Ara had made a controversy when she had a wardrobe malfunction during their performance for a Music Show called the Inkigayo on January 29 2012.

The incident occur when they perform one of their hits song, Lovey Dovey, 18 year old Hwayoung accidently exposed her nipple during her dance solo and it has caught a lot of attention which eventually goes viral.
This is actually a news that has been circulating around the internet for months now, but a screenshot picture showing her nipple and a video that capture that particular moment has been spreading like 'hot cakes' on the internet, and this issues is recently brought up back to the public.
Since the accident, T-ara’s agency, Core Contents Media has released an official statement: Because of Hwayoung’s young age, she was very shocked and frightened by the event. Even now, she remains very shocked. The incident was purely accidental as it happened due to the loosening of the tapes that held the microphone wires under her outfit”.
Rather than celebrating,” continued the Core Contents representative, “T-ara members are more fixated on trying to make Hwayoung feel at ease.”

Recent news reported that Hwayoung are no longer a member of T-Ara because she is asked to leave. Does this news are the actual reason for that? Check out the Story below :

P/s : If you guys are looking for her nipple slip picture or video, it wont be shown on this website. 

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