Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hwayoung leaves T-Ara for good

On 30th july 2012, Core Contents Media (CCM) agency CEO, Kim Kwang soo announced that Hwayoung, the 18 year old singer, are now a former member of T-ara and her services are no longer needed. 

Her contract are cancelled due to her Unacceptable Behaviour that had made a negative impact and impression on the other group member's.

The decision are made when the issue are supported by 19 other CCM staff, which stated that they cant no longer work with her any more.

News that exposed Hwayoung bad attitude has been spreading since 2010.

One of the early news reporting the uneasy situation between other T-Ara Mambers with Hwayoung are as such :

The scandal had become to the public eye when news about Hwayoung  bullied by other T-Ara members spreads.

The truth about the issue remain unknown until Hwayoung didnt made an appreance on their T-Ara Jelwery Box concert performance in japan on 25 - 26 july due to a leg injuries. She only then appear on the stage to sing their song Day By Day on a wheel-chair.
Later that night other T-Ara member posted a tweet, which they didnt mention any specific name but it is really meant for Hwayoung, later on she sarcastically respond to their tweets. The public then assume that the bullying issue is real and that actually trigger the contract cancellation of Hwayoung.

The rumours grows bigger, when public exposed Hwayoung Bad Behaviour, they started to gather all of the materials related to Hwayoung such as Picture, News and Video. One of it is the article T-Ara Hwayoung nipple slip incident during their Lovey Dovey performance.
Hwayoung is also seen as the rotten apples on the trees, when her Unacceptable Behaviour had made her the main reason for T-Ara public rejection, such as the losing of their fans on  cafĂ© T-Jinyo , return of their concert tickets and some demanded for dismantle of the band.

Kim also fell sorry about the announcement, that has been made on the T-Ara 3rd Anniversary also stated the he hope for the best of Hwayoung.

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