Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Youtube annoying advertising banners.

What is going on in you-tube? advertising is everywhere, from the top, middle and the bottom of the layout. All you can see is the advertising banner that are annoying as hell. 

Check this screenshot of those annoying advertisement on Youtube advertising.

BOOM!! You are greeted by an ads when you finish up loading the page!

Not to forget ads before a video and on the sidebar of the video.

Once you finish viewing a video and wanting to comment by scrolling down below it, BOOM!! another silly looking granny with weird skin ads.

Not only that, once you want to watch similar video by looking up on the sidebar video, please do not be suprise by another Ads.

And, to finish up the mass advertisement campaign two ads are added on the bottom layout.
I mean seriously Youtube? We know you guys have to make profit's since Youtube itself is basically business-based, but do please take care of your costumer point of view. 

I once remebered how youtube are actually have less ads and more easy to use....wait i cant actually....

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