Wednesday, January 23, 2013

[Video] Brother behead sister in front of villagers in Kolkata, India

Mehtab Alam, 29, from Kolkata, India, had conducted a so called 'Honor Killing' by dragging and behead his sister in front of the villagers, on December 7, last year.

After the gruesome incident, he then makes his way to the local police station, while holding his sister head and a sword.

He enters the police station, placed his sister head on the desk counter, pulled up a chair and told the officer that he is ready to be arrested.

The victim was identified as Nilofar Bibi, 22-year-old. Her big brother, Alam and the rest of their family felt very disappointed with Nilofar when she run away from her in-laws and having a relationship with her former lover.
As reported by The Times Of India, Alam might had felt that he have to conduct such drastic act to save his family honor.

Their family expressed support the 'honor killing' by Alam, saying they were proud he upheld their honor.

This is the first Honor Killing happens in Kolkata in decades, many were shocked to hear that he still believes in the medieval and barbaric act.

Across India, there are no official numbers reported on the so-called "Honor Killing", but it do happens, in-fact hundreds had fell victim throughout the years, mostly for falling in love or marrying against their family wishes. 

A 3:30 minute video recording Alam when he is on his way to the police station holding a sword on his left hand, and his sister head on the other.

Watch the video here : YouTube [Viewer discretion is advised]


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