Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Zhou Kehua China most ruthless and highly dangerous Criminal

A massive hunt is going on in China, when a wanted criminal killed two people including a policeman while injuring others outside a bank in Chongqing city.

Zhou Kehua, a 42 year old criminal convicted with various armed robbery record since the year 2004 are now being hunted down to be brought down to justice. He killed 9 people during the year 2004 - 2012 as reported by China Daily.

Local Police describe Kehua as ''Ruthless and Highly Dangerous", also warned the public not to take matters in their own hand if they see Kehua anywhere around, Since they offer 500,000 Yuan (78603 Us Dollar/RM 245110) to the person who assist them in arresting Zhou Kehua.
Recent news reported by news.xinhuanet.com stated that Kehua had already being shot dead by the police in the Southwest China Chingqong on 14 August 2012.

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