Friday, September 28, 2012

Husband commit suicide right after knowing that his wife is dead [Classic True love story]

Stewart Timms who is blind and deaf, 63 are in a state of shock when he acknowledge his wife Valerie Timms, 68 die from a heart attack at their house in Andoverseford, Glouchestershire. 

Devastated by the sudden lost, he then hung himself a couple of meters from his wife dead body. As stated by Coroner Deputy of Glouchestershire, David Dooley, who also confirm the incident.
Both of their body was found on 16 July by their daughter who come to visit their house.

The deceased leave 2 kids and 8 grandchildren. According to their daughter they had been married for 38 years.

This is indeed a sad story, i couldnt even imagine the devastation of Stewart when he found out that his wife is dead, one of the classic example of true love, where the quote "you jump, i jump" would be applicable. 

May their soul rest in peace.

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