Friday, September 28, 2012

Nakoula Basseley : The creator of the "Innocence of Muslims" Movie

Remember the Movie called the Innocence of Muslim? the movie that is intentionally made to insult Muslim's. Which poetry the Prophet Muhammad as a womanizer and child molester.

Soon after the trailer was released on YouTube in July, chaos breaks out among the Muslim community as a sign of protest towards this movie.
Literally, the protest for this movie had become worst than expected, it comes to the point where killing started to occur, such as the killing of the U.S embassy in Egypt. 

The man responsible for this mess is Nakoula Basseley, He is an Egyptian man, Living in Los Angeles srububs of Cerritos, a  Director, producer and an Asshole.

After the chaos started he has gone hiding, People would be dying to get their hands on this man. Even a senior politicians in Pakistan has put 60,000 Euro bounty on his head.

Read latest news : Nakoula Basseley arrested

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