Saturday, September 29, 2012

Jamie Hilton had a quarter of her skull temporarily placed in her stomach

A former Beauty Pageant, Jamie Hilton 36, undergoes a very incredible surgery where quarter of her skull are being separated and placed in her stomach, while waiting for the injury on her head heal.
According to the doctor, it is done as so to preserve the nutrition of the skull and keeping it away from any type of germ, before it will be reattached to her head, which is 42 days after the first operation.

Jamie, which had won the Idaho Beauty Pageant in 2009, went to a fishing trip with her husband and her brother in Hell's Canyon on Jun, while fishing she fell almost 10 feet from a concrete embankment, landing on boulders and hitting the back of her head.
In an interview, Jamie felt so blessed that she still have the chance to live despite the situation, and now happy with her husband and 3 children.


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