Saturday, September 29, 2012

Supiati body is full of nails : Strange Disease

Supiati, 25, a woman from the district of Harjomulyo, Ogan Komering Ulu, south Sumetera is infected by a mysterious disease.

Thousand of nails are ditected growing inside her body, making him to feel constant pain and limiting her movement.

The Nur Hidayah Hospital director confirms the incident, where she stated that, she herself and other nurse removes 56 nails from Supiati feet.

"Currently, more than 2,000 nails has been removed and i fell a little bit well", said Supiati and she added her worries because this strange disease is now widely spread in her village Dlinggo, which is where she and her father currently lives in. 

Source - Jakarta Post

I dont think this is a natural disease, since it is not known by man. I think, it is a supernatural disease sent by other people locally it is call 'Santau' or commonly known as Taboo. 

I know, because i live in that area....

No! im kidding.


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