Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lizzie Velasquez : World most Beautiful women

Now, who da f*ck give a person the rights to call other people Ugly or Weird and all. This what happen to Lizzie Valesquez who were given the title The World Ugliest women when a video posted with the title featuring her. 

What a shame to call a person such as so. I don't know who are the original person who posted the video, but im pretty sure that person is the biggest a** in the world. But of course the video had gone viral and shared by everyone on social media. Beautiful 

Lizzie is a 23 year old (2012) women who was born without adipose tissue, or commonly known as fat tissue, she has 0% fat in her body. Which makes her super skinny. She have to eat every 15 - 30 minutes everyday to keep her energy running.

It is quite sad after searching for this girl online, that she was labelled the world Ugliest women because of the disadvantage that she had. According to the article about here she is constantly bullied during her high school year.

After various interview pf her i saw posted on YouTube she is now adapting to the point that she will not let the bullying continue and be strong feel normal for herself and the people around her. 

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