Sunday, October 21, 2012

Alvin Tan : The man who are desperate for fame!

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If you dont know who is this guy read this first @ Alvin Tan & Vivian Lee : Malaysian pornstar wannabe

I must say Alvin Tan, is a confident young man, who are supposed to be hiding from the public, are now going around publicizing his recent controversy.

Its like seeing an actor, promoting his new movie, or a singer promoting his new album.

During his interview with Malaysia bureau chief, Melissa Goh on 19 Oct, he stated that he like being famous, and will do anything to make himself famous.

Looking at the current situation, This man is so desperate to be known and he desperate for fame. During his recent interview with RazorTV, when asked about his future plan, he stated that being a pornstar is one of his choices.

As quoted from the interview 
Melissa Goh :
"What is your plan going forward? What do you want to do with your life?"
Alvin Tan:
"Probably something in the entertainment industry as well, and anything that allows me to be famous, i like being famous"
After the controversy of their sex blog goes viral, he claim that both of them are offered a role to play in a movie. Would you watch that with Alvin and Vivian the main star?

Other than that, he also appear on a radio interview with Red Fm, and also mention about an offer to host a Talkshow called 'Pillow Talk with Alvin and Vivian'.

Congratulation Alvin, youre master plan works and you are on your way to stardom!

Talking about the relationship between these two :
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When asked about their relationship, Alvin answer is not as expected, as if he see Vivian as a Friend With Benefit

While Vivian thought that Alvin is her lover, Alvin thinks otherwise. Too bad for her she had to be dragged along by Alvin for his master plan to get famous. 

At first it was cool, 'people makes mistakes' and they 'learn from itkinda stuff.

But over time, Alvin is being cocky, as if he was proud of his action, and brag about that as much as he can. He is loving the attention given to him by the public.

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