Monday, October 22, 2012

Ustaz Razis : Deceiving more than 11 women to the extend of marrying them

*Photo are taken from :

A 30 year old Con Man, who is hiding behind his fake 'Ustaz' identity has deceived more than 10 women. he is known as Ustaz Razis.

His trickery are to the extend of marrying the women before leaving them in a short period of time.

A 24 year old Naimah Ismail (Not her real name), said that she was married to the man for just four days before he walk out on her.

As claim by his wives, being a smooth talker, he had married 11 women and leave her as soon as he gets what he wants, before moving on to find new 'victim'.
*One of his weddings taken from : Facebook

One of his former wive, Rajana, told the news that he has 6 wife, not to forget 4 other that he had divorced.

Unfortunately for him, his current and former wives had team up to gather evidence through Facebook to drag this man to the court. 

“We will be lodging a police report against him so that the authorities can investigate how he could have seven wives at one time and be married 11 times,” said Rajana.


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