Saturday, October 20, 2012

Amy Cheong : The racist who was fired due to her racist Satement made on FaceBook

Amy Cheong a 30 year old women, working as the assistant director (former) for National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) had posted a racial statuses on her personal Facebook account on 7 Oct.

Her statement are quoted as such :

“How many f*cking days do Malay weddings at void decks go on for? F*ck!!!! Pay for a real wedding you asshole, maybe then the divorce rate won’t be so high! How can society allow people to get married for 50 bucks? Kns!” and “Void deck weddings should be banned. If you can’t afford a proper wedding then you shouldn’t be getting married. Full stop!” 
Since the issue had gone viral, and she had been receiving a lot of attention from both Malaysia and Singapore citizens, not to forget curses and threats thrown at her.

Due to her action, the netcitezen urged NTUC through NTUC Facebook fanpage, to sack Cheong.

On october 8, she was immediately fired from her position as the Assistant director.

Amy Cheong, is a Malaysian born, moves to Australia when she was eight and now a permanent resident of Singapore, has been living there for 10 years. 

After the issue had trigger the public anger, she started to make a public apology, by writing on her twitter and Facebook.
But it is a little to late, it is bad enough that the public are pissed at her, Singaporean prime minister, Lee Hsian Loong also released a statement saying that he support NTUC decision to fired her.

Worried about her safety, she decided to leave. 

Not to sound mean, but serve her well, she should think about other sensitivity before releasing such statement.

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