Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Brutal Beating at Manhattan Mcdonalds

*Rayon Mclintosh

A Manhattan McDonald cashier, Rayon Mclntosh, 31 just doing his job when he scanned a $50 dollar bill given from two women Denise Darbeau of Queens, 24 and her friend Rachel Edwards of Brooklyn, 24, to make sure that the bill are legit, before giving them their meal.

A video was recorded by a costumer, it shows that Darbeau clearly heard cursing at Mclntosh, before slapping him on the face.

Defending himself, Mclntosh strike back, Daebeau then proceed to jump over the counter and make it to the other side, while Mclntosh seen retreating before he comes back with a metal rod which he use to beat up Darbeau and Edward.
*Denise Darbeau & Rachel Edwards

He continuously beat these two women, allegedly preventing them from getting up. Other workers fail to contain him as he were seen swinging the metal rod without stopping.

The two women were taken to the hospital. Darbeau suffered a fractured skull and broken arm which required surgery, according to court documents. She is in stable condition. Edwards suffered a deep cut.

Rayon Mclintosh were charged with felony assault and while Daebeau and Edwards were charged with menacing, trespass and disorderly conduct.

Mclintosh are held at Manhattan Detention Complex on $40000 bail.

Check out the video below:

Rayon Mclintosh is an ex-convict who were charged with manslaughter back in the year 2000.

He had served his time up to 10 years and now are back to the community to get his life back.

Just for a taught. What would you do if you are in Mclintosh place? would you just hang around and let these two women beat you up and throw curses at you?

I must say, serve that two women well.

If you agree with me, check out this review video on his case.


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