Saturday, October 20, 2012

Alvin Tan & Vivian Lee : The Malaysian Pornstar

"They are just not ready to attach an identity (Porn) to that stand" said Alvin Tan during his recent interview with STrazorTv.

Alvin Tan a Malaysian a scholar from NUS, faces disciplinary action after he blogged about his sex life featuring him and his girlfriend Vivian lee goes viral and caught a lot of attention from the whole world.

Despite being spit on by the public, he still stand on his ground defending his action by saying that all the materials, (including picture, video, etc..) he posted on his blog is an art.

Meanwhile, the street interview by the STrazorTv, conclude that most of the locals didn't think that his action is wise and he should be ashamed of it, as well as putting shame on NUS itself, Singaporean and Malaysians. 

I don't think that Singaporeans like him that much, since he posted an article claiming that Malaysia is better than Singapore, he stated on his interview Singapore isn't his cup of tea. he is now looked upon as an ungrateful scholar. 

While Alvin girlfriend Vivian Lee, who is studying in MMU Malaysia, is lying low for a while.

Looking though his video interview i can see that he is a confident young man, and he will just accept any stones thrown at him with a smile on his face.

More on his video interview here :

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