Sunday, November 11, 2012

An order of 60 McDonald Large fries in Japan McDonald had caused an havoc

On Oct 28, an order of 60 large fries in Japan McDonald outlet opposite Okayama Station had caused a havoc in the restaurant.

These group of kids took this massive order as a challenge and poste several pictures on Twitter, which then had been re tweeted up to 2,000 times.

After getting massive attention, youth starts gathering inside the restaurant to witness the stunt.

They had spend three hours inside the restaurant, while the restaurant staff constantly serve them with fries to finish up their order, and in result to that other customers were unable to buy fries as a result of that.

Negative responds starts to circulate this matter as such :

"They are idiots, a bunch of teenagers trying to pull off a stunt for their own amusement and cause problems for others" 

While other positive respond are as such :

"it is their rights to eat what they want, it is good for business, and it can be quite entertaining to watch"


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