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6 Famous WWE superstar tragic death incident

These few WWE death was devastating and unexpected, when they  step into the ring the crowd will go wild, they knows that these superstar will put on an amazing performance, but as they step out of the ring forever, their memory would never despair and forgotten.

These are 6 of the famous WWE death incident story.

1. Owen Heart [Blue Blazer] [1999]
In Kansas City, While doing a PPV Show he Fell 50 feet while being lowered from the arena ceiling when he fell 50 feet and hit his head on a turnbuckle, fans thought it is a part of the act but it is actually a stunt goes wrong.

He was pronounce dead while he was rushed to the hospital. 

2. Eddie Gurerro [2005]
One of the big name in wrestling history,he is in the prime at his career, at 35 years old Eddie was found dead in 2005. His nephew Chavo found him dead in his hotel room due to drug abuse and heart attack. 

His famous quote was 'I lie, I cheat, I steal' a quote that steals thousand of heart every time he steps into the ring.

3. Chriss Benoit [2007] 40-years old
He suffer from countless head injuries, and taking steroids is a part of his medication. 

On July 2007, while he was on his medication, he just couldn't take it anymore and kill his wife and son before putting a bible beside them before he hung himself using a cord from a weight set.

4. Umaga [2009]
Eki 'Eddie' Datu or known by his stage name Umaga died in Houston after a massive heart, Umaga was unconscious in his living room, his wife then rushed him to the hospital.

At the hospital He had a second heat attack which lead to his death.

6. Test [2010]
He was just 33-years-old.
Police in Tampa, Florida, were called to his home at 8pm on Friday night after his neighbour reported she could see a man lying motionless inside.
The officers forced entry and found Martin dead.
His body was taken to the local Medical Examiners Office for an autopsy to determine the cause of death.
The popular star had previously had problems with steroids and alcohol.
5. Lance Cade [2010]
Lance Mcnaught or better known as Lance Cade is one of shawn Micheal Protege, he dies at 29 of apparent heart failure.

As quoted from WWE :

“World Wrestling Entertainment was informed Friday morning by Lance McNaught father that he has passed away of apparent heart failure. WWE extends its deepest condolences to the McNaught family.”

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