Sunday, December 9, 2012

After being saperated for 24 years an Identical twin Reunited

It happens to all of us. You're out somewhere, and someone says you look just like someone else. Most of us just smile politely and continue on with our day. But what if it happens so often that you really begin to wonder. Would your curiosity get the best of you, and would you just have to find out who that person is?
Bao Lulin works as a waitress in Jiuyang, China. Over a period of three years, she found she was constantly being told that she looked just like a woman named Yang Yanfei. Lulin's first encounter with being mistaken for this mystery woman was in 2009, when she was asked by a stranger, "You have come back from Fujian Province? Why didn't you inform us?" When people continued to call her "Yanfei," Lulin finally decided to search for her doppelganger.
In October, after Lulin was once again mistaken for the other woman, she asked the person to give her Yanfei's address so that she could meet her. She never imagined that this encounter would change her life.
When Lulin showed up at Yanfei's house, she was shocked. The resemblance wasn't slight; the two women actually looked exactly alike. They stood face to face, examining each other's features and similarities. Yanfei said, "I felt I was looking into the mirror." Now reunited, the sisters say they feel as if they'd known each other for years and years.
Lulin and Yanfei discovered they had been separated at birth. The two were put up for adoption as infants because of China's one-child policy. The girls share a number of things in common: They were both married in 2007, their husbands have the same name (Bin), they share some of the same hobbies and favorite foods, and their sons could pass for twins. Here's something that's really uncanny -- they each have a scar on their fingers resulting from similar accidents that happened when they were 6 years old.


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