Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Asia will be more powerful than US and Europe combines by 2030

A forecast report from the National Intelligence Community(NIC) had found out that in term of economical power, Asia will overthrow United State and Europe by 2030.

The report suggest that Asia will be more dominant in term of population growth, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and military spending. 

China alone will be the country that will emerge as the most 'Powerfull country' if compared to other Asian country such as Japan and India.

As quoted by the National Intelligence Community(NIC) counselor, Matthew Burrows "Being the largest economic powers is important, but it isn't the largest economic power is always going to be the superpower." 

But the report also stated that as powerful as China can be in the year 2030, it can never surpass United Stated in terms of forging coalitions to take on International Issue.


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