Wednesday, January 23, 2013

10 Places around the world you are not allowed to visit

These few places are only for few people, and for most of us the place is strictly forbidden, and we might never set our foot in these places.

Check out 10 Places around the world you are not allowed to visit.

1. RAF Menwith Hill - U.K

This Uk airforce base is the world's largest electronic monitoring site, if a plot is hatched or a missile is launched, the'll hear about it here first.

2. Club 33, Disneyland, California - U.S.A

An exclusive members club for VIP's in the heart of Disneyland (New Orleans Square). It has a decades long waiting list to join.

3. Bohemian Grove, California - U.S.A

Looks like an innocent campsite from the outside, but to get inside you have to be one of the world's most powerful people.

4. Vatican Secret Archive - Vatican City

Actually, most part of the area can be visited,  "Secret" just refers to the papers it contains belonging to the pope, there's no chance of you ever going inside.

5. Lascaux caves - France

Covered in Paleolothic cave art only a handful of handpicked scientist get to enter.

6. Pine Gap - Australia

Only area in Australia designated as "probhibited" which prohibits entering, overflying the airspace up to a height of 18,000 ft.

7. Metro 2, Moscow - Russia

Purported secret underground metro system in Moscow, build by Stalin for use by Russian Secret Services.

8. Room 39, Pyongyang - North Korea

Allegedly a Government-controlled front for drug dealing & Smuggling.

9. Mezghorye - Russia

Rumored to be the location of Russia's 'dead hand' nuclear missile site. Two battalions are permanently stationed there to keep prying eyes away.

10. Area 51, Nevada - U.S.A

This Air-force test site is so closely guarded that conspiracy theories abound. Aliens? secret weapon research? the secret remain secret as it is today. 


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