Sunday, January 20, 2013

Adorable, stupid cat

Please save him from himself.

We found this wayward soul yowling in the rain in our back yard on 12/17. Despite the fact that we have an awning under which he could have been staying dry.

We decided to feed his and put his in our cellar overnight when i went to check on him the next morning.

His ass was sticking out of the ceiling. He had thoroughly wedged himself between the beams and gotten himself stuck. I rescued him (again) and brought him inside where i gave him a bath (narrowly escaping with my life).

Unfortunately, we cannot keep him, we had called several shelter  and all are full. For now, he is safe in our cellar, but he can't stay there forever.

So, who needs a brand-new kitten? This older model (about 2 to 3 years old) comes with all these great features.

  • Medium-length, silky black coat, freshly shampooed.
  • Huge, soulful golden eyes that stare straight into your sould
  • Speaks all 37 dialects of Felinece and can sing (I think he's tenor)
  • Two impressive tenticles
  • Litterbox-trained
  • Sweet, cuddly, affectionate personality
  • Endearing stupidity

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