Monday, January 21, 2013

Haruka Nishimatsu the world most humble CEO

Japan Airlines CEO (JAL) cuts his pay to save company costs, improve revenue, and keep people employed.

After his morning bus ride to his office, Haruka Nishimatsu heads into the office, and gets busy in his desk with the rest of his Japan Airline co-workers. 

At lunch, he lines up at the cafeteria, hopes lunch doesn't get too cold as he wait to pay.

Not exactly the glamorous life you would expect from the CEO of one of the world top ten international airlines (JAL).

Nichimatsu cut every single one of his corporate perks, and for three years running he cut his own pays, in 2007 he made about 90 thousand U.S dollar, less then what his pilot earn.

There is method to his anti-corporate perks lifestyle, it is about his employee, He said during an interview,

"There is no one person being on top and one person being on a bottom such as a company as ours"

He regularly popping into planes, chatting with flight attendance, even helping sort out the in-flight newspaper.

He buys his suit in a discount shop when other Airlines CEO would wear Armani.

As a CEO making $8,353 is still a lot, but in USA, corporate CEO make more than $16,000,000 monthly.

For Nishimatsu, a boss is in a same boat with his people, you either share the work and sacrifice together, or the company would sink in this economic storm.


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