Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dead Mice was found inside Kellog's ceral box

A man was having his breakfast with a bowl of Kellog's cereal, just a normal day for him, well not until he realized that he almost ate a dead mice!

Mark Hunter, 42, was in a state of shock when he saw a dead mice mixed together with the cereals and milk.

"I am very worried about my health because I've had eaten a spoonful of cereal and wanted to eat it again.  but I saw a black thing mixed together with the cereal, at first i didn't really care about it, but then i clearly see it is a dead mice!" Mark told a local reporter about the incident.

Mark Hunter then pick up the dead mice, dry it and call the Kellog's company to lodge a complaints.

The Kellog's management told him that they regret the incident, and will come over to pick up the mice to make an investigation. 


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