Wednesday, January 16, 2013

'Visiting Parents is a must or you will be punish law' in China

The Chinese government had enforced a new law where visiting parents regularly is a 'must' for an Adult Children. They have to show love and attention towards their ageing parents.

If you pay close attention i bold the word must in my opening paragraph, meaning that if they didn't do so they will be charged for neglecting their parents.

One of the reason for this new law is the rapid rise in China elderly population and various reported cases of senior citizen being abused.

Between 2007 and 2009, a 13% spike in the reported number of elder abuse cases has been reported from entire China.

For example, the case of a son in the plush province of Jiangsu, who apparently coerced his 100 year old mother to live in a pigsty for two whole years.

The new law doesn't comes with exact amount of how many times should the children visit their parents, in other words the so called 'must visit parents or be punish law' will never actually works, let alone it will be obeyed. (pfffftt)

But still, we should really give the Chinese government credit for showing effort on trying to actually prevent the elder abuse cases from happening.


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