Thursday, January 24, 2013

One of Al-Qaeda top leaders killed

Abu Sufyan al-Azdi or also known as Saeed al-Shahri, one of the Al-Qaeda top leaders had been killed after long journey in fighting the Zio-Crusader campaign.

The news had made it way the public knowledge on Tuesday after a Jihadist Abdullah bin Muhammad posted in one of his tweets. The tweet was reported by SITE intelligence Group, which are dedicated to monitor Global terrorism.

Although an Arabic news network had reported Al-Azdi death, citing his relatives, three senior Yemeni Defense Ministry told the media they had no evidence proving his death.

According to SITE, Al-Azdi died due to an injuries in a December drone strike.

Al-Azdi a Saudi national, spent six years in the U.S military prison at Guantanamo Bay before being released in 2007, he had escaped from Arab Saudi and went to Yamen.


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