Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Malaysian very own social networking.

What social networking that you have been using?facebook?twitter?friendster?myspace?you named it, there are thousand of networking websites that you can use to make friends and as a platform for you to share your thoughts to the whole wide world.
But did you know Our country(Malaysia) have its very own social networking made by the local people??yes indeed there are several websites that act as social websites produced by oue people. But of course it didnt go as popular as Facebook or twitter because most Malaysian i believed they tend to choose other that are well known and popular such as facebook or twitter.

Here are some several social community websites that are made by our local people :
Visit Myrakan
Visit Youkawan
Visit Sekampung

Maybe you should pay some of the website above a visit, singing up and browse around a little bit you might find it interesting.
Malaysian are also capable of establishing this kind of websites, it haven't go far or popular as the any other social websites but with our help nothing is possible
im proud of being a Malaysian MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

Yours truly,
~ekkem :)


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