Saturday, November 27, 2010

Richest man in the world(2010)

Money is indeed what makes the world go round. It is literally saying why we live our everyday life for. These man listed below has been known for their successful achievement in their career and has made an amazing amount of property. So who is the richest man in the world of 2010?......

1.Carlo Slim Helu

Nationality : Mexico.
Property : $53.5 billion, up $18.5 billion in 12 months.
Company : Telecom, Mexico.

2.Bill Gates

Nationality : United Stated.
Property : $53 billion
Company : Microsoft, U.S.

3.Warren Buffett

  Nationality : United States.
  Property : $47 billion
  Company : Investments, U.S.

4.Mukesh Ambani

  Nationality : India.
  Property : $29 billion
  Company: Petrochemicals, oil and gas. India.


5.Lakshmi Mittal

Nationality : India.
Property : $28.7 billion
Company : Steel, India.

So there you go 5 richest man in the world(2010)

Random quotes*
~Money is not everything,But it sure can buy you alot of things.
~Money cant buy you happiness........are you sure???....



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