Friday, December 10, 2010

World Most Beautiful Women (2010).

                                           (Chinese Symbol For Beauty)

Recently the 2010 Miss World event has been held in Sanya,china.Contestant entrance is from all over the world,with one purpose to find out who is the most beautiful women in the world. IEPOV team has listed the TOP-5 of best contestants World 2010.So Which country does these beautiful women belongs to?.....

Emma Warius

Miss World 2010 : 1st Runner Up.

Nationality : Botswana.




Adriana Vasini

Miss World 2010 : 2nd Runner-up.

Nationality : Venezuela.

 Emma Britt Waldron

 Miss World 2010 : 3rd Runner-up.

Nationality : Ireland.

Tang Xiao

Miss World 2010 : 4th Runner-up.

Nationality : China.

Mariann Birkedal

Miss World 2010 : 5th Runner-up.

Nationality : Norway.

There you go The most beautiful women in the world(2010) selected from hundreds of beautiful women all over the world.

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