Thursday, December 16, 2010

Useless Japanese Invention??...

Japanese people is indeed a very creative community. The country japan itself has been look upon as one of the world most developt country with its advance technology that usually amazed the people of the world. Among all of  the invention made by the Japanese,there are some inventions that can appear to be useless,weird,spooky,funny you name it.The IEPOV team has selected a few of these Japanese inventions....useless???you decide.....

1.Baby Mop.
Uses : Mopping Floor.

Basically it is a mop attach to a baby cloth.So when ever your baby move around the house it'll make sure the floor is clean.Well this is not a very hygienic way to take care of your baby.

Recommendation : NOT RECOMMENDED.

2.Swiss Army Plow.
Uses : Consist variety of planting tools.

Instead of bringing all of your planting tools why dont you buy one of these thing.All in one planting kit.But the problem is the shape of the tools itself.And im pretty sure it is heavy as hell!!!of course these kind of product will broke easily.

Recomendation : NOT RECOMMENDED.

3.Full Body Umbrella.

Uses : An umbrella that cover your whole body.

Yes it is an umbrella with extension.This is a very useful product to be use if there is a heavy rain going it??we prefer the ordinary umbrella which is more convenient compared to this one.....also it looks ridicules.

Recomendation : NOT RECOMMENDED(for you guys who dont want to look silly).

4.Daddy Nurser.
Uses : Breast for dads .......... =.='

Well this is basically made up of a milk bottle that shape like women breast.With this,now even daddy can breast feed their child.what a silly yet smart invention.
yet come to think of it it is literally saying a usefull invention.Breast feeding achild when mommy is not around.hmmmm....

Recomendation : RECOMMENDED!!(for some circumstances).
5.Noodle Cooler.
Uses : To cool off a hot noodle.

It is a fan attach to a chopstick to cool off a hot noodle.It is indeed a silly invention not just adding extra weight to the chopstick itself the fan also make the risk or dust getting into your nooodle higher.literally....
 Recomendation : NOT RECOMENDED.


There you go several silly,useless yet smart invention created by the japanese people....

would you buy one of those product??

Yours truly,
~ekkem :)

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