Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother love for her Blind Baby Boy.

The story of Lacey Buchanan and her blind baby has gone viral over the internet. People starting to recognized their inspiring story from a video posted on Youtube, showing the up and down of their life since Her blind baby boy 'Christian' were born.

Unlike any other infant, Christian physical condition is not normal, he is affected by a Tessiar Cleft, which is a condition where his eyes would stay shut and he would not be able to develop his retina also he could not closed his mouth.

The video shows how public reacted when they see christian, those negative comments and opinion given to both Lacey and her husband Chris, it just breaks their heart, but their love towards christian are far more valuable then those negative public toughts.

This is indeed a very inspiring video, showing a mother love to a child, even-tough the child are not as perfect as their wanted it to be, they still keep him because that what Mom's do.

Mother is just great and amazing!! Happy Mothers day. :)


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