Sunday, June 24, 2012

Iepov is now called the Blog'O'sem

Finally, after almost three years of blogging about stuff, this and that, posting about things that are not even important using the '.blogspot' domain name which is previously called the I manage to buy my own domain....


On top of that, i decided to change the name of my blog, to 'BlogOsem'. 

iepov banner
It is quite difficult to find a really good name to replace iepov. But then come to think of it, i need a more commercial name to attract traffic to my site.

It is quite sad though because using 'iepov' as my blog name for the past 3 years, all of those up's and down's, raise and falls, she had gone through a lot with me, I will always miss that name.
Original iepov banner

Anyway, no time to get dramatic. With the launch of the official BlogOsem i promise to offer a more interesting post, lineup of story, constant news update and a more interactive post and such.

This is indeed a big leap for me in my years of blogging, and with the purchased of my own domain, i really should take things seriously now. LoL.

All and all there are still tons i need to learn about blogging, so that i can give the best for my viewers. Keep on supporting my work. 

Lets do it for the sake of SHARING INFORMATION!!!WOHOO!!!

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